June 12th, 2020

Minnesota: Save Our Livers has grown and helped 1000's of people with fighting their hangovers within a year and a half of being in business. Today, Save Our Livers evolves into the next stage of their business by fully rebranding their website, offering drinking products and merchandise, and having a new mission with promoting "Party with no hangover". Within launching the new website and products, Save Our Livers has seen massive interest and sales.

With seeing a massive growth in sales and engagement from the new website and products, Matt Bishop, Co-Owner of Save Our Livers said, "I'm happy to see that our customers are engaging and responding positively to our new look and products. Save Our Livers is not just for the 'next morning', its now for the pregame and party too". 

To gain customer engagement, re-engagement, and new engagement, Save Our Livers planned and executed the following tactics:

  • Create a brand new website and feel to the brand
  • Implement new high quality drinking products along with amazing merchandise
  • Work with companies to achieve solid supply chain
  • Grow the team with two new interns, Bobby and Sanjana

About Save Our Livers: Save Our Livers is a hangover remedy kit company that is dedicated to defeating hangovers along with supplying drinking products for the pregame and party. Started in Minneapolis and Boston, Save Our Livers has reached numerous campuses such as Texas A&M, University of Miami, University of Minnesota, Arizona State University, and many others. Save Our Livers is also carried in bars across the country including Chicago, Green Bay, New Haven, and other cities.  

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