January 1st, 2019 

Minnesota & Massachusetts: Hangovers have always hindered people from across the world for generations. Throughout history, people have tried to find the perfect hangover cure: Sleeping in, hair of the dog, greasy food, ginger, pickle juice, swimming in cold water, etc. All of these are trial and error though. With frustration of being hungover constantly in college, Save Our Livers founders Christian and Matt went out on a hangover remedy journey to find the most effective remedies. After that, Save Our Livers was born. 

With having a successful launch and creating customer engagement in a prelaunch phase, co-owner of Save Our Livers Christian Durfee stated, "It's just great to be able to help people feel the best they can while making a difference in the community. We are very excited to get off the ground and are looking forward to the coming years". 

To gain the outstanding customer engagement in prelaunch and launch, Save Our Livers planned and executed the following tactics:

  • Created digital media and engaged with potential customers
  • Started email marketing by gathering a consumer email list
  • Launched website at peak of consumer engagement and created a funnel for the potential customers

About Save Our Livers: Save Our Livers is a hangover remedy kit company that is dedicated to defeating hangovers. Started in Minneapolis and Boston, Save Our Livers has reached numerous campuses such as Texas A&M, University of Miami, University of Minnesota, Arizona State University, and many others. 

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