Meet The Ambassadors

From college students to campus faces, entrepreneurs and brand fanatics, our brand ambassadors all focus on the same goal, helping others fight their hangovers. Discover who they are and how they motivate us in what we do.

We all have the same goal, to help people feel better

Hangovers suck. Plain and simple. Our ambassadors connect us with communities all across the United States and provide us with insightful feedback so we can help those communities get back to 100%.

Through our brand ambassador program, ambassadors work alongside the Save Our Livers team in helping deliver and build awareness of Save Our Livers hangover remedy products. Along with the notion to help people fight their hangovers, our brand ambassadors receive tools, free products to try, a vast network of like-minded people, and many more benefits to encourage our ambassadors to grow and experience new things.

What It Means To Be An Ambassador


To introduce and encourage sales of Save Our Livers powerful hangover remedy kits to your friends and the college campus you are on. Also help us with special projects when necessary. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you out along the way.


When you become a brand ambassador, you’ll get compensated with all different rewards: Commission of each successful sale when your code is used, free products and specialized merchandise, recognition for the top ambassador, and much more.

Extra Benefits

Save Our Livers allows you to be a leader and a boss. Plus, grow your professional network with access to Save Our Livers private network. Along with those extra benefits, get the inside scoop with ambassador only newsletters and special product trials.

Become an Ambassador

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