Student Life During COVID-19

By Christian Durfee

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and might be the new for a while. Not only does this affect regular life but it puts a big damper on college student life, especially the social aspect. I go to the University of Minnesota myself and before COVID, campus was busy with life; students running to get to class, friends walking alongside talking about their day, and photographers catching different glimpses inside of the surreal life students live. Now, it’s like a ghost town, except for the bars on a weekend night (following the governors guidelines of course). With the new weird way we all have to get used to living, we’ll give you a few key tips to stay safe but also be able to have a great college experience at the same time. Let’s get into it:

1. Stay Safe: 

This is by far the most important thing to do while you live on or are around campus. With many different students from all around the world coming back to a centralized place, there is bound to be COVID somewhere. Be sure to always wear a mask and practice social distancing when possible. If you do end up feeling sick, be sure to distance yourself and get tested before you make contact with other people. Luckily for you, not only does Save Our Livers fight hangovers, the items in our kits are also great with your immune system and can help keep you healthy with a well balanced diet and exercise. Get a Survival Kit to keep on hand when you start feeling under the weather.  


2. Stay Social:

With social distancing guidelines in place, it’s often difficult to keep the social life you’re used to with normal college life. Thankfully there’s different ways to still be able to talk and meet people while being careful: Social media, texting, snapping, Tinder, Bumble, etc. With all these apps, this is what they are created for, socializing from a distance. We also recommend getting on Zoom with friends and having a wine night. Along with those apps, classes are online but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet new people in your Zoom breakout rooms. Put yourself out there and exchange contacts, who just might find someone you’re interested in. Also, we recommend joining Greek Life. Sure, you might not get the full social aspect of being in a fraternity or sorority this semester, however things will change in no time. With being in Greek Life, it gives you an instant community right away which is what is missing while being isolated inside. Check out your school’s IFC or PHC Instagram to see when rush is happening and sign up for it.

3. Stay Focused:

During COVID, there was a lot of anxiety, and especially now moving back on campus. That’s alright though, remember why you’re here….to get a degree. Remember to stay focused on the tasks you have to complete which will keep you busy during stay at home orders. After you finish with those, you might also want to start a side hustle in your spare time! Check out our blog which talks about how to start a successful side hustle.

4. Stay Positive:

Remember, this too shall pass. Things are already starting to look up for next semester. The main object is to just get through this with as little harm as possible. You can do so yourself by staying positive. Take care of yourself by eating healthy, drinking water, using a Survival Kit, exercising, meditating/yoga, and doing what makes you happy. With a positive attitude, anything is possible!

For sure, things are very different this semester and as for me, I really want to get back into the party scene. I know by making sure I am staying as safe as possible, things can get back to normal sooner and we can rage even harder. On that note, I wish you the best of luck this semester and remember, Party Hard, Recover Harder (with you and your roommates, no randoms yet).

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