Daily Dose of AA Volume 1 - My Story and How I Got Involved With S.O.L.

First off, welcome to Daily Dose of AA. Okay enough, it’s my time to shine. So yeah, it was the Summer of 2019 at the University of Minnesota when I met the Dave Portnoy of Save Our Livers, Christian Durfee. We became friends -- partied, partied some more, you get it. It was my first year of college and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. It was one morning during Sunday Cleaning (after a party that involved blacking out) when I told him how much I despised of alcohol and that I would never touch it again, to which I proceeded to drink that same night but that’s beside the point. Anyways it was brought up that he had this company and it was supposed to be the saving grace of all hangovers and it really seemed like a load of shit to me at first but then I gave in and tried it. I didn’t expect much, maybe a headache cure or something but that’s it. Boy was I wrong; it was everything he said it was. I was amazed. That’s how we met and now I am here, writing for him and couldn’t be happier. The goal of this blog is to bring some enjoyment to all of your lives during these trying times that the world has to deal with. Welcome to Daily Dose of AA we are glad you are here. 

Party Hard Recover Harder, 

Big Cajone

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