5 Low Calorie Drinks For August

5 low calorie drinks for August

By Christian Durfee

With summer coming to an end, we have been quarantining and eating everything in sight this summer. Sure, we didn’t achieve our “Summer Bodies”, however we are ready to get those “Winter Bodies”, if that’s a thing(?). We are definitely looking forward to fall and are hoping that August passes by quickly. With that in mind, we’re going to pass some time with some delicious cocktails. To keep on pace with our “Winter Bodies”, we are going to tell you about our five favorite low calories drinks for the month of August. So, get ready for some tasty low cal cocktails and sit on that couch, stay inside, and relax (we should all be pros by now)

  1. Mojito (~70 calories)

Classic mojitos usually contain around 250 calories due to the high amount of sugar in the famous minty drink. In order to make it healthier, The Daily Meal suggests making your own cocktail syrup at home with virtually no sugar. This is super easy and a fun recipe to make, PLUS you’ll feel like a scholared bartender after completing this modified cocktail

  1. Tom Collins (~117 calories)

Lemonade fans rejoice! Lemonade grew up real quick and is sure to be your new favorite drink with this amazing Tom Collins cocktail. A fun fact: the Tom Collins cocktail recipe appeared back in 1876; a drink that stood the test of time. With the beautiful piney flavor of gin mixed with a bubbly sour and sweet lemonade mixture, this is a perfect way to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. Very Well Fit blesses us with this cocktail recipe. Pro tip - try adding a little unsweet iced tea in your cocktail to turn it into an unconventional Arnold Palmer.

  1. Paloma (~166 calories)

The Paloma cocktail (spanish for Dove), is a tequila based drink. More or less related to the margarita, this cocktail is delicious on a hot summer day and has less than 200 calories! Bon Appetit shows us how to make the Paloma. We suggest pairing this with some low calorie tacos to finish off a perfect day of watching Netflix all day.

  1. Vodka Soda (~96 calories)

You can NEVER go wrong with a Vodka Soda, and with only 96 calories? You best believe we are sipping on these this month. Vodka Sodas are very easy to make and are a great drink to put flavoring in. To keep it low cal, try mixing in some fruit or a lime.

  1. Champagne (~90 calories)

This is a no brainer. There are always 100+ reasons to celebrate. Let’s celebrate that we made it through summer with a crisp glass of champagne. We’ll toast to that!

August is about to be in full swing, make sure to celebrate and enjoy it by having a cocktail (or a few), and don’t feel bad….they are low cal. Cheers!

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